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Edible Logo Prints
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bulletProspective Clients  
bulletConventions & Trade Shows  
bulletCompany Parties  
bulletThank You to Vendors  
bulletMarketing Promotions  
bulletEmployee Recognition  

... or any other occasion you can think of!

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Sheet Description 1
2 or more
of the same style sheet
8.5" x 11" The 8.5 x 11" sheet is great for 1/4- and 1/2- sheet cakes!  YOU can put as many pictures as you like on one 8.5" x 11" sheet, send it to us as one sheet, and you pay for only one sheet! You will need to cut the prints out yourself! (It's easy!) $12.95 $9.71 ea
8" Circle The 8" circle is great for a round cake or the center of a rectangular cake!   Consider adding an Edible Theme Print around the side! $12.95 $9.71 ea
3" Circles The 3" circles are great for large cookies or rolled cookies in many shapes!
(6 circles per sheet)
$12.95 $9.71 ea
2.5" Circles The 2.5" circles are great for cupcakes and small cookies.
(12 circles per sheet)
$12.95 $9.71 ea
2" Circles The 2" circles are great perfect for cupcakes!
(15 circles per sheet)
$12.95 $9.71 ea
1.25" Circles These smaller 1.25" circles are great for small cookies (Oreos!), mini-cupcakes and cake pops!
(48 circles per sheet)
$12.95 $9.71 ea
Logo Print
Business Cards
The 3 3/8" x 1 7/8" rectangles are wonderful for brownies, krispie treats and cookies!
(10 cards per sheet)
$12.95 $9.71 ea

NOTE:  Each ETP sheet ordered includes one image.
Additional images may be ordered on the same sheet during the order process.

See 'Image Information' and 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs)
to ensure a
Quality Edible Logo Print!


Order Process for Edible Logo Prints

  1. Create a high resolution graphic of your logo.

  2. Select and order the size and shape for your Edible Photo Print.
    See Template Samples to get a better idea of the different sizes available.

  3. During the Order process you will be asked to upload or email your image. One image is included with each sheet. If you have additional images for the same sheet or order, send them to:

  4. Custom Image Editing (multiple images, layering, additional text, enhancements, restorations) priced per order.

That's it!  Simple!


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